Everyone is wondering how to buy shares in stock market? Shares can be bought on the stock exchange. Now more and more trades take place on electronic exchanges! To start trading stocks, you first need to conclude an agreement on the stock exchange with a broker. It starts special personal accounts, on which your shares will be stored! But you need to consider that the services of the broker are paid and his remuneration directly depends on the amount of the transaction. The percentage of the transaction amount is quite small - only a few tenths of a share. So the first step is to conclude a contract with the broker, for this you will have to do a scan of the passport, fill out a questionnaire and write a statement! Do not forget to take into account that some firms have a minimum threshold for entering the market, for which you can not open a position in the market! In order to boldly trade, there must always be savings on the account! The broker himself must file an application for the purchase of shares. The ownership of shares will be registered in the company’s register! As soon as your name is inscribed in the register of shareholders, you become a full owner of shares. And never forget, in order to make money in the stock market you need to have many years of experience and conduct research! 34763
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