site visitor You spend an enormous amount of time, money and energy, creating the perfect deal, only so that your contact disappears after filing. What for? Many times these contacts, of course, begin to tacit observation of this proposal. They will visit your site to view your information, or they will read technical documents, etc. To search for data to verify your company and your plan. A visual visitor helps you close this gap in your work. We will notify you when those who have previously returned anonymous visitors to your site will allow you to immediately take action with a precisely calculated subsequent electronic or phone call. How many of your cold offers have you lost? Do they know that those contacts that seemed to have disappeared daily visit your site in order to close the deal? Marketing, no doubt, becomes more complicated and becomes more and more everyday. PPC, SEO, email, landing pages, events and social networks - all this encourages people to evaluate your products and services. Did you stop to determine if you are attracting the right industry? With Visual Visitor, you can better understand the companies that evaluate your products and services. Knowing what plans - marketing in social networks, banner advertising, etc. - bring the most clicks, and conversions can help promote a more effective plan.  Knowing what works and what does not, can make a huge difference in your profits. Not to mention that your sales team will thank you for attracting the best leaders that are easier to convert 91906