Any investment activity is always exposed to risks. This is worth remembering and never forgetting! You need to start with an investment fund. An investment fund is that part of your money that will work and bring you income. We collect enough money (each will determine it for himself) and then invest it! Now the convenient way is to investments online. Important note, do not put everything in one place even though there is an income higher! Determine for yourself a few directions, this will help you save some of the money in case of collapse! It remains to wait for profit! But even then it’s worth to act cautiously! We all want to earn more, this next step will be to invest part of the profits to increase our fund. This is called ’reinvestment’! Again, investment activity is always subject to risks! So investing the last money or taking loans is too risky, since no one gives you 100% guarantee! At the moment the most common investments are: a deposit in the bank, bitcoin, the international currency market Forex, and many other less well-known investment projects! Choose carefully where to invest your money! I wish everyone a good salary! 76671